Questionnaire for Brides

Hello my lovely bride,


First of all,"Thank you" for choosing BridalBoutiquebyRamanBrar for your Wedding Day!


We take huge pride in our customer's satisfaction and would want to ensure that all goes well for you. In order to make your experience a memorable one; it is of utmost importance to us to understand your needs, taste and preferences better. Please answer the below questionnaire for yourself. This would certainly help us to be well prepared before your appointment. 


In addition, should you have anything in specific to share please do not hesitate to add.


1) What is your skin type? (Normal, Oily, Combination)


2) Would you prefer Glowy or Matte make-up look?


3) Would you prefer Gold tones or Silver tones?


4 )Would you prefer a Light lip color or Dark lip color?


5) Would you prefer a light Smokey-eye or Medium Smokey-eye look?


6) Would you prefer-Pink, Peach or Brown color for your cheeks and lips?


7) Would you prefer less, medium or lots of glitter on eye-lids (Should we choose to use glitter at all)?


8) Would you prefer Dramatic, Natural or In-between Make-up look, overall?


9) Which Feature of your face would you prefer to be highlighted the most?


10) Would you prefer Matte lip or shiny lip?


11) What color is your outfit?


12) Would you prefer solid color for your lips or nudes?


13) Would you prefer winged eye-liner or not?

14) What color of eye-shadow do you prefer on your eye-lids?(Brown, Pink, Peach, gold or other color)


15) Would you prefer a thin eye-liner or a thick one?


16) Do you prefer eye-liner for your lower lashes, if yes; how thick?


17) For your foundation color, would you like exact match or lighter match?


18) What is your skin tone; light, medium or dark?


19) Would you prefer full-coverage foundation, medium or light?


20) Would you prefer center partition or side partition for your hair-style?


21) Would you prefer normal poof or higher poof for your hair style?


22) Please attach a picture of your inspiration hair-do so we know exactly your preference for your hair look.


We highly recommend you getting your eye-brows done and hair completely dried(freshly shampooed and blow-dried) a day before our meeting.



We thank you in advance for giving us an opportunity and look forward to build a long lasting relationship with you.


Raman Brar