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Bridal Skin preparation

How to prepare your skin for a perfect, flawless finish?

For all my brides, I really do care for your skin and how you feel in it. Whether you have skin texture issues such as big pores or uneven skin tone accompanied by blemishes and lack of glow, here are the few steps that I encourage you to follow for a beautiful and flawless skin:


You have heard it right! This is one of the most important steps in skin-care. There is always some amount of dead skin sitting on top of your skin that makes it look dull and dry. Not only exfoliation helps you skin breathe better, but it would also help in absorbing your other skin care products much better. Hence it increases and enhances the efficiency of your expensive serums and moisturisers upto 50% more.

My favorite daily exfoliator:

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb exfoliator: This is gentle enough for everyday use and is made of natural ingredients. I have been using it from years and love how gently and organic it is. You could either order from Amazon or buy it directly from the Eminence salon near your home.


Growing up I never fully understood the importance of a good toner. As a professional makeup artist I exactly know why vogue kept stressing on it. First of all, it removes the extra dirt or makeup from your pores, shrinks your pores, restrores the ph balance of your face especially after cleansing (as cleansing throws off your ph balance sometimes), prevent in grown face hairs and lastly, adds moisture to your face.

My favorite toner:

Watermelon Glow Toner: This toner tightens the pores and leave a beautiful glow on the face.



Serums reach the deepest layers of your skin as opposed to your creams. Hence they are equally or shall we say more important than your face moisturizers? I recommend two different types of serums-day and night.

Vitamin C: Serum prevents premature wrinkling and boosting collagen, making your skin more brighter, even-toned, plump and radiant. It's an antioxidant fighting free readicals while reparing damged skin cells from UV readiations and enviornmental damage like pollution. Finally, it prevents the formation of dark spots on your skin leading to hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic Acid: On the other hand does everything that we have discussed so far in one step. It exfoliates, brightens and peels the skin off, especially the dead skin.

Day serum

Use vitamin C from Drunk elephant. Use this serum every morning before sunscreen.

Night serum

Glycolic Acid from Drunk elephant. Use this every other night or if it is not too drying, use it every night.


It's a no brainer that sunscreen is so important. It helps to protect your skin from forming brown spots leading to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Some of the essential skin proteins such as keratin are protected if you use sunscreen. On top of all, it helps prevent skin cancer.

I have tried a few of the sunscreens, but I have not found one that I am in love with, primarily due to their pasty textures. However, I am keen on trying the tinted Skinceuticals sunscreen spf. 50. Let me know how you like it?


I am really hooked on to the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped cream moisturizer and I highly recommend it. The beauty of this cream is that it can be used for day or night. Since I have a combination skin, this cream works for every skin and it does not break out my skin like the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream.

Under-eye cream

Caffeine Eye Cream: Is the most important step in makeup and skincare that people often neglect. It depuffs the eyes as well as help reduce wrinkles and dark circles. As a makeup artist, it helps when my brides have a smooth and hydrated under eyes.


I alternate this cream with The Olehenriksen bright banana eye cream.

Lip mask

It is so important to hydrate your lips and yet I see some brides with chapped lips. Well, your long wait is over as this is a heaven mask made for your lips. You will bless me for the rest of your life to bring this amazing mask to your attention. This winter will be your favorite one because of this buttery award winning lip mask from Lineage. It comes in various flavors and they are all subtle. https://www.sephora.com/product/lip-sleeping-mask-P420652

Face pack

This face pack is my all time favorite. I have been using it from a long time and it still excites me when its face pack time:) Please use it once a week.

T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial Mask; This face pack is made out of Chick-pea's and is my favorite for two reasons. Firstly, it shrink the pores and secondly, it make your skin glow. I would prefer if you try this out at-least two weeks before we meet, to see how your skin likes it and then, the night before our appointment. 

Face tools

Absolutely my favorite is the face toner from- Micro-current Nuface toning device. This tool helps create natural face contours as well as gives you the lymphatic massage to drain out the excess water and antioxidants when done in a certain way.

Carrot juice

Drinking carrot juice gives you the much needed glow as well as hydration. However, please be careful with your sugar calories intake as juices tend to add up to your daily calories, especially the carbohydrates.

Cumin and Fenugreek seed water

Another miraculous drink for decreasing the swolleness in the face as well as better digestion of flushing toxins, is the cumin and fenugreek seed water soaked overnight. I drink this first thing in the morning. I guess I first came across when my doctor recommended it, but it caught my attention when celebrity-Malaika Arora reveled it as her best kept secret.


It helps flush toxins and make your skin smooth. We all know its benefits, so I will not go in details and leave it up to you...


To flush toxins and release stress, it is very important to exercise. Additionally, camera makes you gain 10 pounds, so you need to take into account how to shed the extra pounds before your wedding day.

Yoga for meditation

There is always an extra rush of anxiety on your wedding day. So, its important that you practice being calm and collected for not only your wedding day, but your life in general.

I highly recommend pranayama-the five breathing exercises or the Surya namaskar.

I would love to have a platform for my present and future brides to share and comment on the above recommendations. Please feel free to add, share or comment, I would love to hear your thought and experience using these products. I will keep updating all the products that I recommend and love:)