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Hydration You have heard this million times, but being hydrated helps your pores to shrink and your skin to look plumper. So without overthinking too much start hydrating your self to flush out the toxins in your body.

Carrot Juice It is no surprise that I am recommending carrot juice to my clients as we all know that carrots have carotene-Vitamin A (retinal) for a healthy looking glow-y skin and antioxidants, which help your body fight free radicals and boosts your immune system to fight against cold and flu.

Exercise We all know the benefits of exercising, but let me remind you again. Exercise will help you de-stress while getting rid of toxins from your body. Additionally, you will loose the swelling and look slimmer. Camera adds 10 extra pounds to you in pictures so it is important to keep the excess weight away for your wedding day.

Facial A perfect canvas is what every artist craves for. A good facial will get rid of the dead-skin and smooth out the bumps for smooth application of makeup. I highly recommend Eminence facial for all my clients unless you know something better that actually works.

Exfoliation If you decide to marry someone at the last minute and do not have time for a good facial, please make sure that you exfoliate your skin the night before our appointment.

Eye-brows   Eyes are a window to the soul and I spend lot of time on them. Your eye-brows frame your face so please make sure they are in perfect shape.

Bronzing & Contour

It's Either Or

Companies confuse customers in order to sell more products. They come up with new ways to create more products, so they can to sell  more items per transaction. It you contour and bronze at the same time, you will loose proportions of your face. If you are very fair, you should bronze, but if you are dark, medium or light-skinned, you should contour only.

Beautiful Pout
Pouty Lip


No, I don’t believe in injections or unnatural fillers.  I don’t personally believe in any kind of fillers or injections, call me old school if you will, but you can create the pouty lip with makeup. My techniques of using the right color to contour the lip and  using shading techniques certainly create the same or even better effect than lip injections, saving you couple hundred dollars on top of looking unnatural.

Model Applying Cream

Natural Look

You want to look natural? Tight-lining is your answer!  Either you are aiming for a glam-look or a more natural look, tight-lining helps you create that perfect no-makeup look. If you are going to apply liner in the lower lashes, you could either use gel or pencil. On the contrary, if you are aiming for just tight-lining and nothing in the lower-lashes, use a powder eye-shadow for application.

Woman with Hand on Face
Color Correction

Skin Tone

Nobody I’ve met has the perfect Even-Skin tone.  The right color choice for color correction can give you the perfect even-tone look that we all dream off. On the same hand, if you choose the wrong color, it could make your dark circles look visible and your skin tone ashy.

Girl with Glitter Bow
Eminence Oil


There is absolutely no alternative to a beautiful looking flawless skin!  Over a decade’s worth of experience in beauty industry and having tried dozens of creams, I found Eminence exfoliant and Oil , the best answer for all skin questions. The oil is non-greasy and makes your skin looking fresh and young. Please don’t order through Amazon, get it from the company website.

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